Published works


I. Symphony in F sharp minor, Op. 4

II. Symphony, Op. 51

Frühling und Herbst, Op. 14

Wieland der Schmied, Op. 23



Collection of pieces containing:

   -Elegie for Cello and Piano Op. 27 

   -Two Pieces Op. 53

   -Two Pieces Op. 240

Cello Concertino Op 108c

   - Cello part with piano reduction

   - Score



Sonata for Viola solo, Op. 146




Venedig, 4 Gondellieder, R.M. Rilke, Op. 114

Liebe, 7 Lieder, R.M. Rilke, Op. 115


Choir a capella

Gebete an Maria, Op. 89

Weinacht, Op. 109


Piano solo

3 Fugues, Op. 132

III. Piano Sonata, Op. 143





Published Recordings

Sonata, Duo, Trio & 3 Fugues


III. Piano Sonata Op. 143

Duo-Sonata for Violin and Cello Op. 55

Piano Trio Op. 56

3 Fugues for Piano solo, op 132


Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider, violin

Tobias van der Pals, cello

Kristoffer Hyldig, Piano


Polyhymnia Forlag/Gateway Music


Works for Cello and Piano


Two Pieces  for Cello and Piano Op. 53



Elegie, Op. 27

Sonate for Cello and Piano, Op. 48

In Memoriam, Op. 15

Stimmungen, Op. 16

Two Pieces for Cello and Piano, Op. 240


Tobias van der Pals, Cello

Cathrine Penderup, Piano


Polyhymnia Forlag/Gateway Music

Leopold van der Pals: Symphonie Nr. 1 fis-moll op. 4


Symphonie Nr. 1 fis-moll op. 4

Frühling op. 14 nr. 1

Herbst op. 14 nr. 2

Wieland der Schmied op. 23


Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Johannes Goritzki